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February 8th 2017



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ARELITE CORE bridges the gap between traditional and modern JRPGs, bringing new concepts to tried and true designs and presented with high-definition retro inspired graphics. Follow the adventures of Karden, a blacksmith on the path to mastering his craft, forced to take a stand against Talameq, an ageless entity bent on devouring the world. Journey across the world and find allies in your fight against darkness while fending off Talameq's disciples.


One man, on a mission

ARELITE CORE began as Kevin Giguere's first large scale game. After programming a new RPG engine in 2012, he set out to design a game inspired by how he remembered his childhood JRPGs to be, very story driven and with engaging battle mechanics. He especially wanted to avoid the typical tropes that the game genre tends to attract, such as a sword wielding amnesic soldier protagonist and scantily clad female characters that are supposed to be "tough" but always need saving. Instead he aimed to create a unique cast of characters of varying backgrounds, each of them fully capable in their strengths and grounded in their own personalities. A lot of time was also spent developing the world itself, with different countries having their own cultures and politics.

Assembling a team

In early 2013, with the initial design complete and the second draft of the script written, Kevin started assembling a team to bring this vision to life. Over the next three years, he would work with over 20 artists from all over the world to make the massive world of Arelite Core a reality. The 20+ hour adventure game is now available for all, with a heavy emphasis on storytelling and player immersion, exactly like a JRPG should be.


  • Live a cinematic story driven adventure
  • Customise heroes with unique stances and techniques
  • Battle over 80 fully animated monsters
  • Forge unique master weapons and armor
  • Immerse yourself with an amazing retro styled soundtrack
  • Relive the glory days of JRPGs as you remember them
  • Discover a plethora of secrets, collectables to gather, secret bosses to fight and find the famous developer room
  • Play with a completely custom game engine, with advanced interactions and visual effects


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Indie DB Profile
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About Dragon Slumber

Dragon Slumber is a Montreal-based indie studio founded in 2013 by Kevin Giguère, a programmer with over 20 years' experience. As of 2020, Dragon Slumber has released the award-winning Tech Support: Error Unknown for PC, Mac and Linux, along with JRPG Arelite Core, and runner racer Astral Traveler for PC. Dragon Slumber believes that great games begin with careful and innovative designs and always strives to provide unique experiences for gamers.

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Arelite Core Credits

Kevin Giguère
Programmer, producer, game designer, founder

Naresa Dizon, Andrea Margarita Zevallos Cepulo, Robo Pixel Games
Monster artist

Augustinas Raginskis, Arron Johnson, Kristofer Kjell
Tile artist

Piotr Radecki, Pirate
Sprite artist

Mikhail Greuli, Holly Mellor
Background artist

Ekaterina Pushkina, Leon Arellano
Visual effect artist

Pavel Petkevic
UI Artist

Salvatore Pascarella, Lucasz Juskewicz
Concept artist

Francisco Ruiz
Marketing artist

Hugh Holton
Soundtrack composer



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